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Turning up the heat!

This summer’s going to be flaming hot as we feature the amazingly-gorgeous Alex Human on our December cover. Alex is the type of girl any guy would love to have living next door with her sultry good looks and deep mysterious eyes that we simply can’t resist. Here, Alex shares more about what she’s been up to, what it takes to get her attention, and how an everyday guy can get lucky with his crush. Take a look!

By Jason Fleetwood

Photography by Willie Botes 

Firstly, as always, you look fantastic Alex. What have you been getting up to this past year, considering Covid has brought the world as we know it to a complete standstill? Thank you so much! The world has changed a lot this past year and while adjusting to this ‘new normal’ way of living and having spent the majority of this year in lockdown I’ve been keeping myself busy with shoots, staying healthy and active, and my puppy Blu has kept me very occupied! 

It’s no secret that you’re one of the hottest women we’ve met. Is there a lucky someone special in your life and what about a guy really impresses you? Yes, I do have a special man in my life at the moment. I’d say what impresses me about a guy would be someone who is kind, respectful and humble, a real gentleman who knows how to treat a woman. And definitely someone who is confident and ambitious, that really gets my attention.

When you’re not working what are some of your absolute favorite things to do? I love being with friends, spending time at the beach in the sun, trying new restaurants and eating delicious food! 

Beautiful women always have some of the craziest DM stories. What was one of the most random things you’ve ever found lurking in your inbox? I’ve had some really funny ones, though I’m not one to respond to DM’s.. I’ve had some marriage proposals and people asking for pictures of my feet, lol.

On the topic of guys, what’s the most creative, and totally lamest pick-up lines you’ve ever heard? I’ve heard quite a few, I had a guy who said “do you like plums? What about a date?” Lol.

For all the ‘shy’ but good guys out there, what advice do you have for making a good first impression with their crush? If you are genuine and authentic she will remember you, a girl can pick it up when a guy is trying too hard… Be a gentleman, be confident and have fun. And make good eye contact, that really gets a girl’s attention! 

Speaking of crushes, do you have a celebrity crush of your own? I’m already dating my dream crush! 

With regards to life or career, who would you say inspires you and why? I find inspiration in a lot of people and things, I look at the people I surround myself with and think of the ways they inspire me to do well in life, how I feel they build me up and make me want to be the best version of myself, the people who are close to me and my family.

On a more personal level and in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five or ten years’ time in terms of family life, career, or both? Five or ten years? I don’t usually think about that, I can’t even think beyond today, lol. I like to live in the now but I hope in five to ten years I will be happy, healthy and have made an impact where I can in the world, and leave things better than I found them. I think making a real impact could take months or years, and making the world a better place also means bettering it for a few people at a time, with small acts of kindness, every time you change just one person’s world you’re making a difference. 

If you could meet one person throughout history, who would it be and why? Wow, there’s quite a few people I would love to have met… The first two people who came to my mind are Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, they don’t make them like they used to! They are icons and I find their lives so interesting, perhaps I’m an old soul at heart.

With the way things are going with lockdowns, people losing work, their homes, hope, what advice would you give to help someone stay motivated? I’m no expert but staying motivated during this pandemic mentally and physically is so important, and knowing the entire world is going through it together and you are not alone… Trying to stick to a routine and setting daily goals for yourself can help you feel like you’re making some progress. And remember to be kind to yourself. 

Nothing in life is perfect, but if you had the opportunity to change one thing about the world, what would it be and why? There’s a lot I would love to change, if I had to choose one thing in particular it would be to get rid of all the suffering that exists in the world. Life can be painful and difficult and horrible things happen to people all the time and we’re left wondering why does this have to happen? I wish I could take that pain away. 

If you had one day to spend one million dollars on yourself, what would you buy and why? Lol, there’s no way I could only spend it on myself… I’d need to share it with my family and friends at least, I would help with any expenses or debt they have then the rest is to enjoy. 

We know it’s not something people are eager to share, but what was one of your most embarrassing laugh-out-loud moments? Oh gosh, I’m definitely not eager to share this but the most embarrassing moment was a few years ago at a call back I got, I had to kiss this guy and let’s just say he got a little bit too excited! Lol, I just kind of laughed it off, but it was definitely embarrassing for the both of us. 

For all the optimistic hopefuls out there, what words of advice do you have for people working towards reaching their dreams? I truly believe that if you can imagine it you can achieve it, your mind is powerful and works like a magnet. And being consistent is a key to success. 

Thank you so much Alex, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you. For all those readers keen to find out more, where can they follow on social media? Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is an absolute honor! They can follow me on Instagram @alex.human.

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