South Africa

Angelic Beauty

with Eva Lutz | @missevalutzPhotography by Harald Fischerlehner | @haraldfischerlehnerLocation Studioloft Bildermanufaktur | @studioloft_bildermanufaktur

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HONOR TO HAVE YOU FEATURE! HOW EXCITED WERE YOU TO BE FEATURED IN FHM? Very excited, let me tell you that! I was featured in FHM Germany back in the year 2009 as 2nd place out of Top 100 models and I feel like that life has come full circle for me now with having my own cover and pictorial with you guys! So, thank you so much for that experience!!

MODELING IS A BIG PART OF YOUR LIFE, COULD YOU TELL US WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START AND WHAT YOUR JOURNEY HAS BEEN LIKE TO GET TO THIS POINT? I did an economics education in high school, which I found very boring. I always had the urge to do something fun and creative. One day I had a private photoshoot with my friend Markus Jerko in Vienna, and he pointed out to me, that I should go after modeling and do more stuff and so I did. It wasn’t easy though because I am not the tallest girl and back then models had to be tall in order to be booked for jobs or get signed with an agency.

YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE, WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE WAYS TO WORK OUT? I love to mix up different things: I like to go to the gym for weightlifting. Since the Corona crisis I started to do more home workouts with my own body weight and I also like to train with an EMS device.

WE WOULD LOVE TO GET TO KNOW YOU! DESCRIBE TO US WHAT A DAY IN THE LIFE OF EVA IS LIKE? That depends on, if I have an office day, or if I have a free day. On a day off, I like to work out, go to nature, I feel like that being in nature heals and destresses you. I also have to plan posts for my Instagram feed and edit photos.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE THINGS TO DO? I love listening to music, I am obsessed with HipHop, Ibiza House and classic 80s. Furthermore, I am into keep fit and healthy. I like to cook vegan food and eat at home. Watching a good movie is also really nice. I am not a party animal; I am rather cozy and comfy at home.

YOU’RE GLAMOROUS AND FUN WHAT WOULD YOU SAY MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST? When I can help someone to make their life better.

TURN-ONS? When someone can make me laugh, is strong and vulnerable at the same time. I appreciate smart, creative people with an open mind and a certain depth to their personality. Look-wise I find fit guys attractive.

TURN OFFS? When someone is lying to me or treating other people in a bad way. I also dislike injustice and very rude, selfish people.

WHAT MAKES YOU TICK? I thrive on making someone happy and smiling, this really motivates me. Making progress is essential to me, no matter how small it is. Even with small steps you can reach your goal.

AS AN ESTABLISHED MODEL, WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE ASPIRING MODELS OUT THERE TO HELP THEM ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS OF DOING WHAT YOU DO? If i am young now and want to start modeling, I’d certainly get a good agency or agent and I think it can be so helpful to have a big reach on social media (which wasn’t existing when I was younger). Bigger agencies feature now also small models, as long as they have a big reach. So, I would recommend you, get a good agency, post regularly interesting content on your social media, engage with your followers and work on your social media.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SITTING WITH US AND LETTING US GET TO KNOW A BIT OF YOU! ANY LAST WORDS FOR OUR READERS OUT THERE? Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting me! I love to engage with my followers and get to know people. I am so thankful for every comment, and that people take their time to visit my page and talk to me. I am so happy to hear from you! Thank you for having me!