South Africa

A Breathtaking Set

with Alita Lee Photography by Jeston Brandon - @perfectlyflawlessphoto Make-up by @andrewcarterbeauty What an absolute honour to have you as our Cover! How excited were you to be featured on FHM? It was the most

Close to Our Heart

with Tayler Mercier Photography by Nino Batista - @ninobatista "This is a very exciting time for me. It’s an honour and a privilege to work with FHM. I’m a Texas girl at heart and it is my love for travel that makes this

Angelic Beauty

with Eva Lutz | @missevalutzPhotography by Harald Fischerlehner | @haraldfischerlehnerLocation Studioloft Bildermanufaktur | @studioloft_bildermanufaktur WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HONOR TO HAVE YOU FEATURE! HOW EXCITED WERE YOU TO BE


Layla Hayek - @itslaylahayek Photography by Alco Studios -@Alcolestudios MUA: Rue Mendez - @ruemendez PR: LSA Publications - @leo.alderman - @lsapublications Hi guys, my name is Layla Hayek and I am a New York and

She Has It All!

Elizabeth Marshall Photography by Jason Ellis Elizabeth, what an absolute honor to have you, how excited were you to be in FHM? I couldn’t believe it at first! I had recently finished a really fun, eclectic shoot in Dallas with a

Sophisticated Smokeshow

Adriana Albritton  Photography by Ryan Dwyer - @letshoot Hair & Make-up by Bridget Martinez Produced by @mainstreetproductions  Were you excited to shoot for FHM? Absolutely! The magazine

Hollywood’s Sexiest Stunt Double

Kerri Parker Photographer: Mike Cohen @mikecohenphotos PR Leo Alderman @Leo.Alderman @lsapublications Tell us something interesting about yourself people would not ordinarily know about you. I am actually ex-military, hold a

S’Charged Thunder

Let’s start with the name: Velar SV Autobiography Dynamic, or SVAD for short. This tells us a lot about the car’s positioning which I’ll now attempt to unpack in Land Rover’s increasingly fragmented vernacular. At its core, this flagship

Turn up the Heat!

with Sabrina Sidoti Born in South Florida, Heritage Sicilian / Italian. Raised by a father who was an Italian gangster & a mother who is loyal. Early 20’s Film & Modeling career started & a star was born. 

Nobody Can Resist Her Beauty

Photographer Steven Bagley @bagleyphoto_ Model Natalia Davis @Nataliadavisofficial Hello readers. I’m Natalia Davis, British born model living the dream in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Nevada. Were you exited to