South Africa


with @CNDDoll

Hair by Laura Sanchez / @luxuryhairdynasty

Photography by Jonathan Castellanos / Jcsmooth Photography / @Jcsmooth_com /


Happy to have you featured on FHM! Tell us what are some of the things you did to prepare for this shoot? Thank you so much for featuring me! I am both excited and flattered to be featured on such a classy and world-renowned magazine like FHM. There was a lot of preparation involved with this shoot. Outfits, makeup, hair, shoes, jewelry, nails, the list goes on and on. Since I had to travel from LA to Miami for the shoot, the location and the travel had to be planned out too. We ended up shooting at a gorgeous mansion that allowed us to capture some beautiful photos. 

You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, we’re keen to know what you would say is your favorite physical feature about yourself and why? Hmmm… well, I am pretty sure my male fans would point towards my enhanced boobs and butt, for obvious reasons… because they are men! 🙂 But if you were to ask me, I think I am most happy about my legs. I run a lot, one to two hours a day to stay fit, and I also do pole dancing to improve my flexibility and coordination. I think my legs are toned and in proportion to the rest of my body so I am happy about them. 

Being a glamorous model must have its perks, what are some of the most memorable experiences in your career? Well, men are extra nice to me in daily life, that is true. They open doors for me, carry my bags and luggage without me asking, and pay for my drinks the whole night out. I would like to think that is because of my sunny personality, but perhaps my curves have something to do with it, you will need to ask them. Can’t complain though. A very memorable experience I had right after my Miami photoshoot is what happened when I visited one of the local strip clubs in Miami. From the moment I arrived, different men started to send drinks my way, so much so that I had to tell the waitress to stop them since it was filling up my table! One guy who had a little too much to drink saw me and I guess he had mistaken me as a stripper since he started to throw cash in my direction. His friends had to take him away as he was throwing dollar bills my way! Well, I told the manager to give the money to the strippers so it went to a good cause at the end of the day. 

What would you say sets you apart? Most people would say that I am unique because I am a Chinese model from China who actually grew up in China. I have always wanted to pursue a Barbie doll look as a model and when I finally became an adult I threw myself into pursuing this dream. After a dozen surgeries with a price tag close to $100k, now I have the biggest breast and butt implant combination for a Chinese model in the world. In my mind, nature is just a starting point, plastic surgery has allowed me to pursue my dream to the fullest. Also, for people that know me personally, they say that they are surprised by how down-to-earth and friendly I am. I treat each person the way I like to be treated, which is with respect and a smile. 

On the topic of men, what were the complete best, and worst first impressions you’ve got on a first date? The worst first impression that I ever got was when the guy could not stop talking about himself and how much money he was making and all the billionaires he knew. It made me sick to my stomach and so I stood up and left. The best first impression was when my first boyfriend back in China ran through the rain to get an umbrella and raincoat for me so that I would not get wet. He got completely soaked but still had a warm smile on his face when he came back. I had my first kiss that night…

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? Most people assume I have had a privileged life because of the way I look, but I had to work many jobs before I became a model full time. I have worked as a bartender, a makeup artist, and a gym trainer when I was in China. Each job I had taught me the importance of professionalism and treating people with respect, which has served me well now as I pursue my modeling career in America. Also, in terms of my looks, I was an ugly duckling growing up, I was never the pretty girl in the class. I was always self-conscious about the fact that my boobs never developed and I had a flat butt. I could never wear a bikini or anything form-fitting as I did not have any curves to speak of. The person that I saw in the mirror was not the person I felt inside. I am grateful to all the doctors that help change my exterior body to match my true personality and persona.

If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or is it one’s personal achievements and happiness? Money most definitely does not buy happiness, although having no money can be quite stressful, as I have experienced myself too. My view on success is that it is a personal voyage that is unique for each person. You only get to live once in life, so to be truly happy in my mind, you need to pursue your dreams fully, so there are no regrets.  

On a more personal level and in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five or ten years’ time in terms of family life, career, or both? At this point, I am still young so I intend to pursue my modeling career to its fullest as I continue to mold myself into the BarbieDDoll I have in my mind. In five to ten years, I intend to find my footing as a model and become internationally published and known. I will continue to work on expanding my fanbase in the various social media platforms across the world. Also, having a family of my own is a big goal of mine too, so when I am ready to retire from modeling, I will get married and have kids of my own that I intend to raise and enjoy motherhood in the next stage of my life.

It’s been a challenging year for us all, what advice would you give to other models or aspiring models out there in light of all the challenges faced? Life is full of challenges and unexpected obstacles, like a worldwide pandemic that nobody saw coming. Focus on what you can control and be adaptable as circumstances change unexpectedly around you. Don’t let these challenges stop you and make sure you always have a backup plan in case things do not turn out the way you wanted them. 2020 was a transformational year for me, as I moved to the US from China at the beginning of the year. Then the pandemic hit so travel and modeling opportunities dried up. But at the same time, online platforms surged so I was able to grow my online presence during the year. The biggest opportunities frequently arise in times of crisis, so take advantage of them when they arise and do not be scared to be true to your dreams. 

Any final words to our readers on what to expect from you this year? As everything starts to open back up, I plan to be much more involved in events where I will get to interact with my fans and followers in person. I will continue to pursue various modeling opportunities around the country and around the world. I am working with some creatives to develop ideas for a short film that may come to fruition this year. I am also training to be a DJ so do not be surprised if you see me at one of your favorite clubs later in the year. Of course, my BarbieDDoll body is an ongoing project that continues to this day, so expect some significant additions that will take my unique dimensions to a whole new level.