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Lift Off!

with Elizabeth Marshall

Photography by Audra Oden / @audraodenphotography

MUA Victoria Armendariz / @pinkrobotbeauty

Hair by Luna / @lunahair711

PR by LSA Publications / @leo.alderman / @lsapublications 

Elizabeth, we’re so happy to have you featured on the cover of FHM! You’re absolutely gorgeous, talented and incredibly smart, could you give a bit of background into who Elizabeth Marshall is? I’m a big, unique tapestry of characteristics. Part of me is very feminine and demure, while the other part is fierce, ambitious and constantly striving to achieve greater and greater things. It’s a nice balance that I’ve managed to perfect as I’ve gotten older.

You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, we’re keen to know what you would say is your favorite physical feature about yourself and why? My eyes and my smile have always been my two favorite features. My mother says that my eyes have been the same size they are now since I was a baby.

Being a glamorous model must have its perks, what are some of the most memorable experiences in your career? The best part of my career over the years has been the amount of travel that I’ve gotten to do. I care a lot about putting diverse locations and themes in my imagery, so photo shoots have taken me everywhere from beautiful beaches, to the tops of the highest mountains in America, to old west ghost towns, to country farms and ranches. I’ve also met more talented people than I ever dreamed I would- everyone from photographers, to make up artists, to marketing and social media experts. I’ve learned so much about so many different things by pursuing this path, and I’m grateful that I worked up the courage to do it.

Running your own business can be hard work, tell us a bit more about your startup and what drives you to set out on your own? I currently own part of a CBD company, called Brothers N Arms. Our CEO is a combat veteran, and our goal is to help the veteran community learn about CBD products so that they can navigate away from big pharma, which often prescribes very heavy psych and pain meds to treat the physical and mental wounds that our warriors arrive home from deployment with. I’m also excited about the potential that CBD has to help alleviate symptoms related to anxiety, addiction and recovery from strenuous workouts and physical activity. CBD is a fairly new compound and it’s still being researched and studied at the moment, but it’s legal in all 50 states, has become incredibly popular for a reason, is completely safe and non-toxic no matter what the dosage, and has totally changed the lives on everyone on the team. We’re really excited to be moving forward with a product that we all love, use and believe in.

On the topic of men, what were the complete best, and worst first impressions you’ve got on a first date? The best impression I’ve ever gotten on a first date was when my date used old fashioned chivalrous manners from start to finish. Opening doors and pulling out chairs is NOT an obsolete past time, particularly in Texas, where I’m from. The worst impression I ever got in a first date was from someone who was short and rude with the waitstaff at the place where we were meeting. Treating service staff disrespectfully or acting like you’re better than other people is the biggest turn off on earth.

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? I’m a huge metal fan. I grew up listening to bands like Pantera and Metallica, and I’ve never grown out of it. I’m lucky to live near a big city that has lots of concerts roll through on a regular basis, and I catch live shows from great bands whenever I can. 

If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or is it one’s personal achievements and happiness? Money alone doesn’t make people happy. It’s important to feel secure in life, but true happiness comes from other things, like your relationships with others and how much you give back to the world. 

On a more personal level and in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five or ten years; time in terms of family life, career, or both? I’d love to see Brothers N Arms CBD become a nationally recognized brand in the next five or ten years. Our goal is to do much more than just sell CBD products- we’re also planning to organize events and other things that involve local veteran communities all over North America. We want to be hands on with the national community and involved in really making sure that people are educated about how these products work and can help them to improve their lives.

You’re passionate about health and fitness and we noticed your washboard abs and incredible figure, what are some of your favorite ways to work out? I hate cardio a little less than most people do, so I try to get in 30 minutes at least five times a week. I also lift weights regularly, and when I lift, I alternate between upper and lower body days. 

We absolutely love how you body strength, femininity, sensualism and grit, what about this aesthetic would you say empowers you to pull it off so well? I’ve always been an artistic person, and I’ve always been attracted to intense themes. I really believe that being raised in Texas gave me a lot of insight into how to combine opposing principles in a way that’s striking, but makes sense. Texas women tend to be very feminine and kind, but we are also tough as nails, and we can hang with the boys on ranches, fishing trips and hunting leases whenever the occasion comes up. It never occurred to me that I had to choose between one or the other since I was taught the value and beauty of both, and I’ve carried that spirit with me into my art and adulthood.

Being a social media powerhouse and influential figure to models and the fitness industry as a whole, what advice, if any, do you have to give to those out there that want to achieve similar things with their bodies? Consistency is everything! And nutrition is a big part of the equation too. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you hang in there with consistent workouts for 6-8 weeks, and you’ll be REALLY amazed at what you can accomplish if you clean up your diet and start eating REAL food that swims, flies, walks or grows out of the ground, instead of eating processed food that’s full of artificial ingredients and things you can’t pronounce. Cutting out sugar is a fantastic first step!

Any final words to our readers on what to expect from you this year? The sky is the limit. Always expect me to be reaching as high as I possibly can in every sphere of life because that’s all I really know how to do.

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