South Africa

Maserati South Africa launches driver training program.

European Automotive Imports South Africa (EAISA), the official importer of Maserati vehicles in South Africa, has launched a new certified advanced driver training programme, the aim of which is to help Maserati enthusiasts perfect their driving skills on the road, while getting a hands-on driving experience of either the Maserati Ghibli or the Maserati Levante. The Advanced Driver Training Media Track Day took place on the 18th of June where we experienced and drove the Levante S and Levante 350.

The Maserati Levante SUV Experience, was held at the world-famous Gerotek Test Track in Pretoria, involved learning the off- and on-road capabilities of this vehicle. The Levante is the brand’s luxury SUV, with a rich Maserati grand touring tradition.

“This unique and newly launched programme in SA allows drivers to experience the thrill that comes with getting behind the wheel of a Maserati. This programme also allows participants to develop their skills both on and off-road, regardless of their ability or experience,” says Marc de St Pern, Operations Manager at Maserati South Africa.

The South African program is yet another example of how Maserati is tailoring experiences for consumers.

The courses are tailored to each vehicle’s specifications and, as per Maserati’s highly individualised approach, the programmes are conducted in intimate and exclusive groups of no more than 10 per programme. Trainers are certified, qualified and experienced.  In addition, only one vehicle is allowed on the skidpan at any given time, which allows for the optimum experience of each vehicle’s performance. Both courses allow for one-on-one coaching, which teach participants how to get most out of either the Levante or Ghibli’s performance. Drivers will experience and gain knowledge of each vehicle’s capabilities through various cornering and defensive driving techniques.

Due to the uniqueness of the programme and amount of individualised attention that each driver will receive, the courses are highly exclusive. Participation in this programme, whether as a prospect, existing customer or member of the press, is on an invite-only basis.

For more on Maserati SA’s driver training programme, please read below.

Ghibli Track and Skidpan – Zwartkops Raceway

This course’s focus is not placed on teaching drivers how to race. It does, however, entail various advanced driver training procedures demonstrated and controlled by highly trained instructors, on a dedicated racing circuit. The track session places focus on high-speed driving techniques and hands-on experience of the dynamism, handling and performance of the Maserati Ghibli.

Levante SUV Experience Event – Gerotek Test Track

This one-on-one experience takes place at the world famous Gerotek Test Track which consists of various tracks to demonstrate the on-road and off-road (Hill Decent Control) capabilities of the Maserati Levante.

The ‘Gradients’ section allows the driver to safely experience the capabilities of the HDC feature up to a 27-degree descend. The gradient track is an extremely high-grip surface track, but owing to the reduced speed of the vehicle induced by the HDC, there is little or no wear of tyres.

The ‘Dynamic Circle’ track induces the vehicle’s aquaplane feature (hydroplane) for tyres in a controlled environment with sufficient space to experience the active safety features of the vehicles. The water level is controlled and can be adjusted to a depth of 3 to 8 mm. This is the type of situation most drivers never experience until it’s too late. The one-on-one demonstrations and then in-vehicle instructor assistance during the exercise ensure a safe and exhilarating experience.  For more information, contact Maserati South Africa on 0800 0600 77.