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with Claudia Fijal / @claudiafijal

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Such an absolute honor to have you on FHM! How are you feeling about 2022? Thank you so much for having me! I think we look cute together, haha! I’m feeling incredible about 2022. The world is slowly regaining its strength, my goals are big and I’m feeling happy and healthy, what more can a girl ask for?

What are you most looking forward to this year? I’m extremely focused on my list of goals for the year. 2021 I checked everything off my list, so in 2022 I planned some BIG goals, looking forward to crushing them all. 

Top 3 best moments of your career so far? Besides this honor?! I have been seen in international hair campaigns in stores all over the world, I was a part of Hugh Hefner’s wedding day, and most importantly to me, my husband and I were able to sell our storefront gym business in the middle of Covid and solely focus on my online platforms! 

What was on your resolution list this year? A few investment properties that are bringing in consistent passive income. Right now, my main focus is making residual money, time to work smarter, not harder! 

When it comes to goals and ambition, what are some of the things that keep you focused on getting there, what is the driving force behind it all? My entire driving force is a simple reminder of what life used to be like for me. I had nothing to my name when I moved to LA at age 18. I moved to a new city with $300 to my name and for years my bank account saw red every month, no matter how hard I worked. I’m never going back there. 

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? Well, I live in Las Vegas so we don’t spend too much time outside! Laying on a beach or exploring a new town are both feelings that are irreplaceable though! 

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? Lack of ambition, not worldly and well versed in important topics, someone who likes to gossip. 

Never have I ever…? You already lost this game because I’m known for not turning a dare down! I have an alter ego; her name is Saint Claude and she’s a wild one! 

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models? That we are unintelligent. Most models I know are set up so incredibly well for the future because of the amount of work they put in daily. 

– That we only date celebrities. At the end of the day, we want real, genuine connection because so much of our job is public and focused on entertaining. 

– That we are catty. Believe it or not, some of the most beautiful women you see also have hearts of gold! 

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer? Be respectful of my time and space. While I’m extremely public online, I’m a very private person. The best way to approach me is with a fun, genuine question. If all else fails, Oreos are a close second. 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? – you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel where I release two new episodes a week on claudiafijal! 

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? I genuinely love my connection with my fans. Talking and getting to know you guys is so important to me, so please feel free to join my private sites, and let’s chat! Thank you for this incredible opportunity, FHM!