South Africa

Turn up the Heat!

with Sabrina Sidoti

Born in South Florida, Heritage Sicilian / Italian. Raised by a father who was an Italian gangster & a mother who is loyal. Early 20’s Film & Modeling career started & a star was born. 

Shooting for FHM

I was so excited while shooting for FHM, and I was even more thrilled regarding the Cover & acceptance. 

Something surprising

Most find surprising that I am an undercover introvert by nature. I am very comfortable living a single lifestyle and for almost 13 years now. 

How people describe me

I am easily described as a true Scorpio with a passion of 1000%. Loyal, honest, loving, and not one to mess with. 

My hobbies

Some of my hobbies include; Reading, weight training, traveling, and I love sports cars. 

Turn on

My biggest turn on is when a guy has great hygiene, when I can turn a tough guy into a lovable teddy bear, and financial security of course. 

Turn off

Poor hygiene, bad breath, dishonesty, & laziness. 

My perfect date

My perfect date would start with shopping for the wardrobe prior, including sexy lingerie. Having dinner prepared by a private chef and served while seated on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the ocean. 

Modelling challenges

My biggest challenge as a model so far is manipulation of my physique according to my goals throughout the year. 

Last words

I am honored to be an FHM cover model and looking forward to sharing more about my history in upcoming issues and online social media. It’s important for me that my fans & readers to know that I live everyday life just like they do with the same stressors and situations.  

Photographer: Jeston Brandon IG: @perfectlyflawlessphoto 

MUA: @lauraariasmua 

Model: Sabrina Sidoti IG: @sabrina_sidoti